Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa and N11 stereo Wii U headsets hands-on (video)

Nintendo may be MIA at TGS this year (as usual), but that hasn't stopped Turtle Beach -- it brought a pair of Wii U headsets to the show anyway. We dropped by the outfit's booth to take a peek, finding seemingly empty boxes in lieu of product. Turns out they weren't so empty -- the Ear Force N11 and NLa headsets are so lightweight, we didn't even notice they were there. After a brief unboxing, this editor wrapped each set around his head, finding the headband tension of both the over-ear N11 and the on-ear NLa to be just as light as the accessories themselves, squeezing my skull with only the gentlest of pressure. The sets' earmuffs seemed built for comfort as well, soft, and not the least bit irritating. Staff on hand told us that the internals weren't quite final, but sound quality aside, we could easily see settling in with either of these products for a long, comfortable gaming session. Both sets arrive later this year -- $35 for the white, on-ear Ear Force NLa cans, and $50 for its black over-ear cousin. See our impressions for yourself in the video after the break.

Billy Steele contributed to this report.