Evernote Smart Notebook hands-on (video)

The Evernote Smart Notebook is here! Well, almost here -- it arrives on October 1 -- but we got our Moleskin-lovin' hands on the app/notebook combo a bit ahead of schedule this evening. The combination works by combining the drawings, notes, and whatever other Moleskin-bound scribblings you pen with Evernote's iOS App (said to be headed to Android as well). Snap a pic of your best Mega Man sketch and see the Blue Bomber appear magically in your Evernote account and on your phone! If you're way into archiving, a handy set of stickers allows for quick tagging. The tags can even be customized if you're not into Evernote's suggested categories.

The whole concept is very neat, and it works ... sort of. An Evernote rep tried repeatedly to snag images from the page with varying results. One time a shadow interfered, and another time the lighting just didn't work out, before it finally worked. We're lending Evernote the benefit of the doubt for now as we were shown the whole shebang in the middle of a busy, dramatically lit show floor. That said, at $29.95, if it doesn't work out great, the worst that happens is you're stuck with a slightly more expensive Moleskin than a normal model (around $15 on Amazon); the iOS companion app is free. Head past the break for a hands-on video.%Gallery-166215%

Joseph Volpe contributed to this report.