Lazaridis-backed Quantum-Nano Centre opens tomorrow, aims to be a new Bell Labs

Mike Lazaridis may now have a considerably smaller role at RIM, but he's isn't exactly receding from the technology scene in the company's hometown of Waterloo, Ontario. That's no more evident than in the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre opening tomorrow on the University of Waterloo campus, a science and technology research center that not only bears his name but was built with $100 million of his money. As Lazaridis makes clear in an interview with Bloomberg, he's also not modest about his ambitions for the center, noting that it is "absolutely" going to be the Bell Labs of the 21st century. Or, perhaps more specifically, a Bell Labs for quantum computing and nanotechnology, areas of research that Lazaridis says are key in order to "break through those barriers" of traditional computing. You can find the full interview and more details on the center itself at the links below.