Samsung Galaxy S III for MetroPCS hands-on (video)

Considering the recent glut of smartphone announcements, news of yet another Galaxy S III variant shouldn't have you tittering with glee. But for those of you tied to MetroPCS and hankering for a beastly mobile option, that 4.8-inch handset is almost ready to ship. Shown off at the carrier's booth here at Pepcom, the designed by nature device is virtually unchanged, save for branding on the back that nods to the 4G network it runs on. Otherwise, it's the same TouchWizzed Android ICS experience we've come to know and love. There's no official word on pricing or a concrete release date -- outside of a very vague end of Q4 bow. But still, if you want to take a sneak peek at this off-contract option, check out the video after the break. %Gallery-166199%