Distro Issue 58: Is the iPhone 5 innovative or incremental?

It may be the most anticipated phone of the year, and now it's here. In this week's issue of Distro, we'll bring you our full impressions of Apple's iPhone 5. While it may be the center of attention at the moment, however, it's certainly not the only device that crossed our desks this week. We also have reviews of Motorola's budget-friendly Droid RAZR M and HP's new Ultrabook, the Envy Spectre XT. In addition, we grill IBM Research's Dr. Michael Karasick for Q&A, head to Germany for Photokina in Hands-On, and get an eye-full of Pi for Visualized. Whether you think the iPhone 5 was worth the wait or not, we're sure this issue of Distro is. So get to downloading.

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