Nokia Lumia 510 put under the regulatory limelight, hints low-cost Windows Phone 7.8 on the way

Here's a contradiction in action: a Nokia phone that goes down a model number, but up in features. That's what we'll see if regulatory screenings and leaks surrounding the unreleased Lumia 510 are any indication. China's TENAA, the FCC and Indonesia's DG PosTel have all taken a look at the device ahead of time and point to a short, squat design that won't have the budget chic of the Lumia 610. However, if Baidu tips are correct, the 510 may be an ever-so-slight upgrade to its higher-digit predecessor with a larger 4-inch screen and a likely fast track to Windows Phone 7.8. Just don't anticipate more than the existing 800MHz Snapdragon, 256MB of RAM and 5-megapixel camera -- or a US release, for that matter. The FCC has only tested the Lumia 510 against American GSM bands, which hints that its 3G support is meant for China, Indonesia and other countries where low-cost smartphones matter most.