NES light gun gets a laser upgrade, fulfils countless childhood dreams (video)

While it's not the DL-44 heavy blaster we've been holding out for, this Nintendo Zapper is almost as cool. Using the classic Duck Hunt light gun from the original NES, the team at North Street Labs created their own laser pistol. Using a 445nm diode, some batteries, wiring and imagination, the light gun was painstakingly put together, complete with physical safety lock and custom aim-assisting heat sink. The end result is a bona fide laser shootin' gun, capable of not only setting alight matches from a distance, but setting the curtains on fire too (probably). See it in action in the video after the break, where it also tops out their laser meter, rating it -- at least -- at an eyeball popping 2W. Then tap up the source to see how -- for educational purposes -- you could make your own.