Google updates Chrome app for iOS 6, makes it friendly with the iPhone 5

Over the next few weeks, we can surely expect iOS developers from all over the globe to start pushing out updates to make their applications better interact with Apple's iOS 6 and that all-new screen found on the iPhone 5. And, because we know some of you choose Chrome over Cupertino's built-in Safari browser, we thought we'd single out the fact that Google has outed a new version of the app which makes it friendly with the new iPhone's larger display as well as the most recent variant of iOS. Aside from the iPhone 5 / iOS 6 compatibility, though, Mountain View also bundled in some undisclosed stability and security improvements in version 21.0.1180.82 (!) of the web browsing application. As is usually the case, you'll find the updated Chrome goods in the App Store -- link for that is just down below.