Myspace teases slick new revamp with minimalist flair (video)

Myspace teases slick new revamp

When it rebranded as My[___], the social network innovator was met with much deserved derision. It was widely perceived as a desperate attempt to recapture the interest of the hipster class that once propelled it into the mainstream, before being overshadowed by the creeping empire of Facebook. The spectacular crash of the brand eventually led to News Corp. to sell it to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake. Since then, the partnership has been quietly working behind the scenes to rebuild the site and return it to its former glory. Like most of the tech media we're understandably skeptical of any attempt to relaunch the flagging social service, but after getting a peak at the redesign we've gotta say we're rooting for it.

Myspace (notice, no camel case) has be rebuilt from the ground up and bears almost no resemblance to its previous incarnations. There's still a heavy focus on music and an integrated playlist creator. Visually everything has been stripped down, with thin clean sans-serif fonts, large images and lots of soft grays. Instead of a vertically aligned wall of posts, profile pages are dominated by a large image that fills the window completely -- like Facebook's cover photos taken to their logical extreme. Images and status updates are arranged in a side-scrolling grid that clearly takes inspiration from some of Tumblr's flashier templates. It's all quite beautiful and even integrates with its popular competitors. You can sign up for an invite at the source and check out the teaser after the break.