Netflix extends new user interface experience to Android phones (Update)

Netflix's new user interface experience popped up on Android tablets last year before progressing to the iPad and finally iPhones just last week, but now the company officially announced it's completing the circle by pushing it to Android phones. As seen on other devices, it's focused on larger artwork, and offers the ability to scroll through many more titles, as well as search its streaming library from anywhere within the app. Users can tap once on a title to see more info about it or double tap to start playing immediately. The new UI is available on hardware running Gingerbread and above. It may already be appearing on your device but if not, check out the video preview embedded after the break.

Update: We downloaded the app and started poking around and have discovered a rather unfortunate detail left out by Netflix -- the new UI is not optimized for high-res displays. Icons, thumbnail images and even the company's logo are noticeably pixelated on our Galaxy Nexus. Even on the qHD panel of our Droid RAZR M things are pretty fuzzy looking. Hopefully Netflix will address the issue soon and maybe, just maybe, make it look like an Android app instead of an iOS one..

Update 2: We've heard from Netflix on the issue, and are told that certain screen resolutions + certain flavors of the OS are resulting in "suboptimal" rendering. Currently it's doing more testing and making tweaks to improve the experience across the board, we'll let you know when they arrive.