Sony plans to support PS3 through 2015 at least

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Jessica Conditt
September 24, 2012 11:00 PM
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Sony plans to support PS3 through 2015 at least
Sony isn't abandoning the PS3 any time soon, PlayStation VP of hardware marketing John Koller tells Gamespot.

"We are increasingly bullish on the PS3's prospects not only this year but over the next few years," Koller says. "A lot of great content is coming. And over the next two to three years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup."

As long as developer interest exists for the PS3, Sony will continue to support it, similar to the PS2, which launched in 2000 and still scoops up a few games each year.

"We're going to continue supporting the PS3 for the next few years. Absolutely. And we're going to continue supporting it not only that long, but as long as there is a development spigot that's running hot," Koller says. "Same thing with PS2... it's kind of stuck around as that old warrior, many years after its launch. But there's still games launching for it."

Sony is launching a super-slim version of the PS3, the console's third design since it hit shelves in 2006. A new, 250GB PS3 runs $270, while the 500GB is $300 – both of these will have to compete with the Xbox 360, which has a $200 option, and the Wii U, Nintendo's new console that starts at $300.

Koller stands by the price of the PS3 redesign, citing the $270 version's full-time bundle package. Consumers want "value," and the new PS3 offers "a $70 consumer value when you get Uncharted 3 Game of the Year... and Dust 514 with $30 extra DLC coming in," Koller says.
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