Republic Wireless announces dual-band Motorola Defy XT, offers incentives to quell coverage woes

Republic Wireless announces dualband Motorola Defy XT, offers incentives to quell coverage woes

Republic Wireless is pretty candid that it's still learning the ropes of the mobile world, but with its monthly service cost of $19 per month, we know more than a few people who'd like to help test the water. Most recently, the company admitted an error with its deployment of a single-band Motorola Defy XT, which is compatible only with Sprint's 1,900MHz network. While this is fine for many -- especially given that subscribers are primarily expected to use WiFi -- it's presented a more tangible challenge for those who live within or travel to areas that rely on 800MHz service. Don't be alarmed, however, because the company is going to make it right.

From today, Republic Wireless subscribers in waves B through E will have 30 days to evaluate their service, and if it's unacceptable, may seek a full refund from the provider. Those who are willing to wait it out, however, will receive a free dual-band Defy XT when it becomes available. Similarly, the company is incentivizing the upgrade for those in wave A with a $100 discount. Meanwhile, it will continue to offer the single-band Defy XT to those in waves F and beyond, but alternatively, it'll also keep the door open for its invitees to come aboard once the dual-band version is available -- it certainly seems wise to hold out for the dual-band version if you're able. You'll find the complete details at the source link.

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