Sega at Total War with David 'Reptilian Agenda' Icke over song rights

Sega at Total War with David 'Reptilian Agenda' Icke over song rights

David Icke, a former sports presenter and political personality in the UK, launched a scathing attack on Sega and Creative Assembly for denying him rights to a song used in Medieval 2: Total War. Icke planned to use the song "We Are All One" by Angela and Jeff van Dyck in an upcoming anti-war talk at Wembley, London. Sega, who owns the rights to the song, blocked him from doing so. Icke claims on his website this is because Sega didn't want its music to be "associated with a controversial figure."

Icke does have a few controversial ideas. For one, Icke happens to believe that Earth is secretly being ruled by reptilians who've ingratiated themselves into governments across the world, including America's. He also claimed to be the "son of the Godhead," and once warned viewers on British national television they were all going to suffer at the hands of earthquakes and tidal waves.

Icke is clearly unimpressed by Sega's decision, as he writes:

"So it is fine and non-controversial for them to use war as entertainment for the young and others, with all the potential impact on their minds and perceptions about war and violence, but not okay to use a song to which they own the rights to call for people to stop killing each other in crazy wars. That would never do because I am a 'controversial figure'. Tut, tut.

"Using war as entertainment for the young is normal is it? Not 'controversial' at all? I don't want to be associated with Sega, either, but unfortunately they own the rights to a relevant song and I put the truth and what needs to be done before personal feelings."

Icke then calls on his fans/followers to let Sega and Creative Assembly know what they think, listing three separate email addresses, and to circulate his post "far and wide." We feel it's only fair to let our readers know that David Icke has his own Twitter account.

You know, should you want to know more about the secret reptile overlords.