Children's tablet maker suing Toys R Us over Tabeo design

Currently lawsuits are all the rage in the tech industry, however it's somewhat of a sad day when the ill-effects of corporate hardball trickle down to children's toys. Nabi tablet maker Fuhu filed a lawsuit at a San Diego, California federal court claiming that mega retailer Toys R Us stole its product's trade secrets for the development of its forthcoming Tabeo tablet for children. Fuhu alleges that last year Toys R Us agreed to exclusively carry the Nabi tablet in order to gain access to confidential information before launching a tablet of its own. The partnership between the two companies ended in January and Toys R Us has since announced its plans to release its Tabeo tablet this fall. Fuhu is suing for an undisclosed sum and requesting that Toys R Us relinquish its stock of Tabeo tablets. It's too early to tell if this lawsuit will have an impact on the Tabeo's launch plans, but if Fuhu has its way, Toys R Us will receive a lump of coal and a court order this holiday season. Bah, humbug!