iPhone 5 swings through first round of Chinese approvals, may already have China Telecom onboard

Wireless device certifications can sometimes give away a little more of a company's game plan than intended. Case in point: a China Compulsory Certification for the iPhone 5. The expected A1429 variant has been given initial clearance on its way to China Unicom, but there's also a previously unseen, CDMA2000-based A1442 iPhone with a similar rubber stamp. With the iPhone 4S already on the market for a CDMA-only China Telecom, it doesn't take much to suggest that the A1442 represents Apple's taller, faster smartphone already prepared for the same carrier. Neither edition of the iPhone 5 is imminent without the equally important network and radio clearances. Getting the ball rolling on multiple variants so soon after the initial launch, however, raises the chance that we'll see the iPhone 5 on more than one Chinese provider faster than the iPhone 4S took to arrive the last time around.