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Capcom feeding the UK to itself to promote Resident Evil 6

Tomorrow, Capcom will open human butchery Wesker & Son in London to promote Resident Evil 6, allowing patrons throughout the weekend the chance to "sample and purchase a dizzying array of edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head." Of course, this isn't real human meat – it's animal meat dressed up and labeled as human meat.

All proceeds from the sale of these items made to look like human limbs will go to the Limbless Association, a non-profit that aids those who have lost their limbs in dealing with the trauma and finding careers. There will also be drinks available, examples of which include the served-in-a-specimen-bag "Stool Sample" and "Puss." Yup, puss. Capcom will also hold a pair of lectures on the themes present in Resident Evil 6 and their ties to the real world at St. Bartholomew's Hospital Pathology Museum in case drinking puss isn't your cup of puss.

Capcom employed a similar PR stunt for Resident Evil 5 that ended up going over ... less than well. At least this time the faux body parts will be isolated to the inside of one building and not strewn about in public, though that doesn't make us any more enthused to see someone gnawing on what looks like a human hand.