Caption Contest: Eric Schmidt does 'Gangnam Style' with PSY

Did you honestly think Eric Schmidt went all the way to Seoul just to launch the Nexus 7 for South Korea, hang out with Samsung's JK Shin and moan about the patent war with Apple? Of course not. The Google chairman also found some time to learn the legendary "invisible horse" dance with PSY, the charismatic oppa in the Korean chart-topper Gangnam Style. While Google Korea was happy to supply a few photos, the only video we could dig up was a surprisingly short one hosted by Daum -- it's embedded right after the break.

Brian: "Man, not being the CEO of a multinational corporation sure is hard work."

Terrence: "I see you are a fellow disciple of the Carlton Banks school of dance."

Don: "Gangnam Style, 2012-2012."

Billy: "This song is really about the time I set my socks on fire. I see you still have yours. One moment."

Edgar: "Hm... I think we forgot the horse."

Richard Lai: "OK Eric, now let's do the elevator scene."

Dan: "Doenjang Girls, would you like to buy a Nexus 7? It's wayyy more expensive than a latté."

Darren: "Soooo glad this guy put this video on YouTube and not Vimeo. $$$$$$$$"

Jon Fingas: "Oppan Google sty-- no, even I can't go that far."