NFL Network's Thursday Night Football Xtra app comes to Android

Just in time to arrive alongside some real referees, the NFL Network has expanded the companion app experience for its Thursday night game to include Android users. Now active as the Browns take on the Ravens in a game where a defender catching the ball in the end zone with both hands is likely to be ruled an interception and not a touchdown, Thursday Night Football Xtra promises fans additional interaction with polls, games, stats. There's also live video reports from Simon Wilcots on the sideline, as well as some conveniently placed ads as seen in the screenshot above. We checked it out early on and the content available was mirrored across devices and platforms, although it was oddly stuck in portrait mode on our Nexus 7. The feature debuted on iOS last week, and is now available on Android phones and tablets as a separate app from the standard NFL '12. Hit the source link below to download it (Verizon subscribers have their own version) as we wait to see if Brandon Weeden can learn to play quarterback before he turns 30.