Delta Six controller brings fragging to life, worries your friends

Chances are you know someone who takes their CoD a little too seriously -- well, this peripheral is for them. The Delta Six controller is the latest brainchild of Avenger inventor David Kotkin, made to please hardcore FPS gamers with immersive and responsive input. A built-in accelerometer is used for aiming, while the faux recoil and acting out a reload will put you closer to real combat than an appearance on Stars Earn Stripes. The hardware also features a scattering of pressure sensors -- allowing you, for example, to bring up the sights by meeting cheek with gun body, or if you're feeling lazy, squeezing the side of it instead. Depending on your class bias, you can add and retract plastic from the main frame for an SMG, assault or sniper rifle form factor (see below for the gist). There's no word on availability, or if it will actually improve your game, but the price is slated as $89 at launch. After the break is a short product demo in video form, although we suggest you skip straight to 1:30 to avoid the awkward live-action CTF scene.

Delta Six motionsensing gun controller

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Promises a Competitive Edge in Games such as Black Ops II

Miami, Fl: Kotkin Enterprises
announces their newest endeavor, Delta Six, a hybrid
motion controller designed to enhance performance and create a more immersive experience
on titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Former Special Forces operator turned military
consultant for Spike's Gametrailers, David B. Johnson, says "When David Kotkin presented
this invention, I was excited to be included on such an innovative project."
We made a fps simulation controller that is preferred over the standard controller. Our vision
is to bridge the gap between motion control and Hardcore First Person Shooters. For the first
time a Call of Duty player will feel more immersed in game-play and have more control over
the game than ever before. The only way to get more real is to enlist" said David Kotkin,
owner and inventor of the Avenger Elite.

Delta Six has a built-in accelerometer, unlike previous attempts at gun controllers this means
it can be used with any game and distance and calibration is not a factor in playing. The targeting system is faster with less effort. Minor adjustments are all that are necessary to aim accurately and still feel like you are aiming. Another unique feature of the Delta Six is that by removing the barrel and collapsing the stock it converts from an assault rifle to a Sub Machine Gun. Reverse the steps and extend the barrel to have a sniper rifle. So in essence you're purchasing three guns in one frame. It's up to you what you feel like using for that gaming session. Other functions include real kick back at firing and pressure switches. For example aiming in can be activated by the pressure from your cheek hitting the stock, or in non-realistic mode, just press the side of the gun. Other tasks will be activated by performing real life events like hitting the magazine eject switch, removing the magazine and replacing it to reload in game. Preliminary testing has shown that it's easier and faster to use than a standard controller. With real time aiming, enhanced optics on the scope and having the controls at your fingertips "This wins against a reg controller, even with and Avenger adapter on it!" he says "We're more excited about Delta Six than any other project to date. The Wii, and the Move tried but could not make a fun and innovative motion control for FPS games. So we had to." says Kotkin. "This is fun for adults, not for gamers younger than 21," he continues.