AT&T launches VoteHub, brings the presidential election to your pocket

Need yet another constant stream of election information? AT&T's joined up with the Pew Center to bring election coverage to your pocket, courtesy of VoteHub. The new app is a "nonpartisan clearinghouse for essential voter information," including candidate info, AP press coverage, election results and the requisite social sharing through sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The app's available now for Android, with an iOS version coming in the near future.

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AT&T Launches New App for the November 2012 Election; VoterHub is an Easy-To-Use, All Encompassing Voter Information and Sharing App

AT&T and the Pew Center on the States and Politics-360 announced the 2012 debut of VoterHub, a smartphone application designed to serve as a nonpartisan clearinghouse for essential voter information for the upcoming November 2012 General Election. The VoterHub app provides voters with national and statewide candidate information, and also provides a platform for voters to connect and share with one another.

The smartphone app hosts many additional features such as: voter registration information, voter specific polling place information, sample ballots, access to Associated Press real-time election coverage, videos, candidate and local ballot initiative information, and election results. VoterHub also allows the user to set up alert reminders and notifications for key dates and results.

In addition, the app allows users to share content easily through several different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and email.

"Voting is an important civic duty for each one of us," said Tracy King, Vice President of Public Affairs for AT&T. "This is why we are thrilled to launch VoterHub which brings together all of the critical information voters need in one easy-to-use app. VoterHub aims to educate voters and encourage Americans to have their voices heard by voting in the upcoming election."

VoterHub uses information from a variety of national organizations to inform voters and encourage them to take part in the November election. The Voting Information Project-a joint effort of state and local officials, the Pew Center on the States, Google Inc., AT&T and Microsoft Inc.- provides the VoterHub app with critical and official information for voters including state-specific voter ID laws, national and local candidate information, and details on local ballot initiatives. Other sources VoterHub uses include Rock the Vote, Turbo Vote, Google Election Center, official state election websites, Vote Smart, and Pollster.

"We are proud to launch a voting app with AT&T that is a one-stop-information-shop for the upcoming elections," said David Becker, Director of the Pew Center on the States' Election Initiatives. "By using official data from the Voting Information Project, this app helps bring critical polling place, ballot content and registration information directly to voters on their smartphones on and before Election Day."

The VoterHub app is available today for Android and Windows Mobile users in their app stores, and will be available in the Apple app store soon. The mobile web app is available on any mobile device with a browser at