Parrot Zikmu Solo reaches US in November, makes a tower of wireless sound yours for $999

Parrot has taken some time trotting out the Zikmu Solo speaker since we first saw it at CES, but those enamored with very vertical audio can rest easy now that the unit has a North American release schedule. Both Canada and the US can buy the Philippe Starck-crafted speaker in November, when it will cost $999 for Americans in its black and white guises (sorry, no red for now). While that's a lot to pay for a 100W speaker, Parrot is counting on the unique acoustic design, a conventional iOS dock and a mix of Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi to tempt people away from the land of horizontal sound. It's undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make a speaker dock the focus of a room -- and that's part of the point, isn't it?

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Parrot Zikmu Solo by Philippe Starck Revolutionizes the Codes of Wireless Audio

Parrot once again revolutionizes the codes of wireless audio and lifts the veil on Zikmu Solo, a stereo speaker tower.

Zikmu Solo virtually recreates a stereo musical image on a single speaker and with a total power of 100W – a true technological challenge!

Zikmu Solo offers universal compatibility by providing a wide range of connectivity options, and an application dedicated to Smartphones enables the ability to adjust the audio settings of the speaker depending on its environment...

Available in November.

Parrot Zikmu Solo: the excellence of wireless sound

Parrot Zikmu Solo integrates the most advanced technologies in terms of sound in an architecture that has been entirely rethought by the engineers of the French brand.

· A stereo image, unique on a speaker tower

Parrot Zikmu Solo offers an optimal stereo output, true prowess on a single unit speaker, thanks to three loudspeakers located on the upper part of the Zikmu Solo:

- Two HARP (High Aspect Ratio Panel) drivers diffuse the sound on the right and/or left side of Zikmu Solo;
- One central BMR (Balanced Modal Radiator) driver diffuses the sound to the front and the back of the speaker.

Parrot engineers added a proprietary algorithmic processor to this system: the Sound Flex, which respects the musical for a pure and perfectly balanced musical image.

The capability to also adjust the audio settings of Parrot Zikmu Solo according to the size of the room (room size compensation) and the position of the speaker in the room (room position compensation) contributes to this balanced sound image.

This unique combination enables Parrot Zikmu Solo to virtually reproduce the stereo sound image of a classic two-speaker configuration...

· Deep bass

The bottom part of Parrot Zikmu Solo dissimulates a powerful Neodymium woofer that projects the music toward the floor before it "bounces" in the room, at 360°.

Very complex Parrot-patented algorithms complete and perfect this acoustic performance:

- Bass Extender[1]: enables to reach bass sound up to 30Hz, without modifying the volume.
- Non Linearity Compensation: these algorithms create dynamic low frequencies and correct, when needed, the quality of the sound by minimizing harmonic distortion even on high volume.

Parrot Zikmu Solo: full connectivity

In addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC[2] wireless technologies, Parrot Zikmu Solo offers a wide range of connectivity options.

A line-in input that is both analog and optical digital allows one to connect the speaker to any source (TV, stereo, amplifier, etc.) and an integrated Ethernet port enables the extension of the home network to areas not covered by Wi-Fi.

Thanks to all available connectivity options, everyone can send or share preferred music from Parrot Zikmu Solo.

Connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi router to access and share files stored on PC/Mac/Tablet or network drives via UPnP and DLNA protocols.

Also equipped with an iPhone and iPod dock, Parrot Zikmu Solo enables listening to music while charging the device.

Parrot Zikmu Solo: a dedicated application for Smartphones

The main functions of the speaker are available via a remote control, via tactile buttons located around the dock and via a dedicated web interface: http://zikmu-solo.local.

Also, the 'Parrot Audio Suite' application, dedicated to Smartphones and tablets running on iOS, is available for free on the App Store℠ and will be soon available on Google Play™ for Smartphones and tablets running on Android™.

In addition to volume and equalizer control, this application allows the user to browse the audio sources connected to the speaker or to adjust the Zikmu Solo's audio settings according to the size of the room ('Room Size Compensation') and the position of the speaker in the room ('Room Positioning'), that is to say 'standard' position, in a corner or against a wall.

Zikmu Solo takes up the unique, sober and elegant drawing of the Zikmu speakers, which were born from Philippe Starck's pencil.

With Zikmu, and now Zikmu Solo, Parrot has changed the relation to sound by offering a beautiful object, highly technological and fully intuitive, that adapt to all music uses and to all environments.

The advanced wireless stereo speaker Parrot Zikmu Solo is available in black and white.

Height: 29.52 in (750 mm)
Weight: 4.4 pds (6,2 kg)

Content of the packaging:

- 1 speaker
- 1 quick start guide
- 1 remote control (battery included)
- 1 AC power cord
- 1 Optical Toslink adapter / 3,5" jack
- Universal dock adapters for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS


USA - Available in November 2012 from selected retailers including Ron Robinson, Saga Electronics and Brookstone.

Canada - Available in November 2012 from selected retailers including Bay Bloor Radio and The Bay.

Other points of sales available at