EB Games Expo 2012: Hello from Sydney!

EB Games Expo 2012

This weekend, Massively's resident Aussie and livestreamer extraordinaire David Desi -- aka Psykopig -- was on the ground at the EB Games Expo in Sydney, Australia, marking the first time we've ever sent anyone to an Australian gaming con. It was jam-packed with goodness -- so much goodness that he had to make a video highlighting the weekend's adventures! You'll see some dancing, some silly faces, a whole bunch of cosplay... and maybe even a few surprises! Ever seen Deadpool and Darth Vader battle through dance? What about a flock (I think it's a flock?) of Pikachu jumping out from behind a host? If you are quick enough, you might even glimpse a wild Psykopig appearing and having a dance himself.

Check out our convention overview video behind the break, and stay tuned for more videos and even a Guild Wars 2 interview later this weekend!