EB Games Expo 2012: Guild Wars 2 interview

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EB Games Expo 2012: Guild Wars 2 interview
EB Games Expo 2012 Guild Wars 2 Interview
The highlight of this year's EB Games Expo in Sydney, Australia, at least for MMO fans, was surely the inclusion of QV Software, publisher of Guild Wars 2 in Australia and New Zealand. Naturally, Massively Multimedia Contributor David Desi (aka Psykopig) dropped by the QVS booth to chat with Dan Greentree, Product Manager and go-to guy for the Aussie edition of Guild Wars 2. Dan and David discuss the game's scope, painterly art styles, jumping puzzles, and community before answering the ultimate question: Asura or Norn?!

Check it out after the break, and don't forget the Pig's other videos from the showroom floor!

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