Moto pulls phones and tablets from German site pending software update

We wouldn't quite call it an unexpected turn of events, but it certainly qualifies as dramatic -- Motorola has pulled almost every Android device in its roster from its German site, leaving only the RAZR HD and RAZR i behind. German site Areamobile first reported the disappearance, and received word from Moto PR that the devices were removed while the OS was "being reworked." Though the company did not say it expressly, it appears the removal is related the various lost patent suits and injunctions awarded to its competitors. The manufacturer has been promising software fixes to address those complaints since early summer, but has yet to deliver them. We're sure the Xoom family and its sizable stable of mid-range phones will return to the site in good time, though, it wouldn't be a tragedy if the only surviving options were the newest members of the RAZR family. They're certainly the most compelling products currently offered (or soon to be offered) by the Google property.