Sprint lets you make your name your phone number for $3 a month

What if, instead of handing over some hard to remember combination of 10 digits when it came time to exchange numbers you could just give someone your name? Sprint is actually willing to let you enjoy the luxury of having your own vanity phone number, so long as you're willing to fork over $3 a month for the privilege. This isn't the sort of service enjoyed by businesses, though -- no one will be dialing 1-800-Joe-Schmoe. Instead the carrier is offering "StarStar" numbers from a company called Zoove. So now, friends will just punch a couple of asterisks into their handset followed by your name, Twitter handle or anything else you might desire to get in touch with you. Of course, in the age of smartphones, we're pretty sure memorizing phone numbers isn't a skill anyone actually uses anymore. So might be that your $3 a month and clever new number will never be recognized by anyone.