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Breakfast Topic: Little changes you want in Patch 5.1

Breakfast Topic Little changes you want in Patch 51

I will admit, as much as I love new patches, I can't get too excited about the new content coming in patch 5.1. I'm not even halfway done with all the new Mists of Pandaria content. I have dailies to run, valor points to earn, raids to finish. How can I get on the patch 5.1 train yet?

That said, I still love speculating on changes. Right now, however, I'm not focused on the big stuff, like massive balance changes and new content. I'm thinking of the little tweaks they could make that would really help me out.

I think the biggest things for me revolve around bag space. I'd love to see Lesser Charms of Good Fortune turn into currency so they didn't clutter up my bags so much. While you're at it, make Restored Artifacts into currency too. For that matter, give me a nice, simple, 24 or 26 slot bag recipe using Windwool Cloth so I'm not stuck saving up expensive mats and frantically grinding August Celestials rep on my tailor just for a chance at more bank space sometime before next year.

What little changes, changes that don't really affect balance or add major swathes of new content, would you like to see in patch 5.1?