Lookout Security & Antivirus for Android gets a makeover, lets missing phones have one last gasp

Missing phone apps such as Find My iPhone often have a glaring weakness: as they depend on pings at regular intervals, they're not much use at tracking down a lost device if the battery dies first. Enter a major revamp of Lookout's Security & Antivirus app for Android. The updated title's new Signal Flare component takes advantage of a phone's tendency to go out in a blaze of wireless glory that marks its last location. By remembering where a phone was unintentionally laid to rest, Signal Flare helps track down a phone that might have died in the parking lot -- or just underneath the couch. Should your phone remain safely in your pocket, you'll likely still appreciate the reworked interface that blends in with Android 4.0 and beyond, the protection against click-to-call exploits and an activity feed that shows just what Lookout has been doing behind the scenes. Android users can get that extra reassurance today, and iOS users have been promised a parallel app in the future.