Rovio and CERN teaming up on education: hopefully the Angry Birds help us this time [update]

The last time CERN and an angry bird met, it didn't end so well: the Large Hadron Collider overheated after a feathered creature reportedly dropped its breakfast on outdoor machinery. Things should go much more smoothly this time around, with CERN and Rovio partnering on an educational initiative that will be unveiled in full at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 12th. Although the two are shy on just what's entailed beyond the presence of some Angry Birds material at the event, the union will mark the start of Rovio's learning brand and likely represent more in the long run than another Angry Birds Space tie-in. We're mostly wondering if subatomic physics research will explain why we still can't three-star some levels in a physics-based game.

Update: Rovio and CERN announced "Angry Birds Playground" this morning, which the company describes as, "a learning program for 3- to 8-year-olds based on the Finnish National Curriculum for kindergarten." In so many words, CERN and Rovio are partnering on an educational initiative aimed at young children which employs the iconic Angry Birds characters. It's unclear whether the initiative will spawn games or books or ... what exactly, but there you have it.

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We are pleased to inform you that Rovio Entertainment and CERN will announce an upcoming collaboration for children's educational resources at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Friday October 12.

On Friday 12 October at 13:00, Angry Birds will fly through the CERN stand as CERN Director General Rolf Heuer and Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka announce the start of the collaboration to develop educational resources and launch Rovio's new learning brand. Stop by to find out more about how we're going to collaborate on fun learning experiences.

The CERN stand is B 1422 in Hall 4.2, the Hall for Expert Information, Science, Technology, and Education.