Study: Apple Maps not affecting iPhone 5 demand

ChangeWave Research and 451 Research surveyed 4,270 North American consumers in September 2012 and found that 32 percent were either somewhat likely (13 percent) or very likely (19 percent) to buy an iPhone 5 despite the recent negative press, says a report in AppleInsider.

Most consumers are apparently shrugging off any issues with the iPhone 5. ChangeWave's vice president of Research Dr. Paul Carton said,

"Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5. Rather, the survey results show both issues hardly rank as bumps in the road."

Recent complaints about the iPhone 5 have centered on legacy accessory compatibility with the new Lightning port and problems with Apple's new Maps app.

Surveyed interest in the iPhone is up from last year when the iPhone 4S debuted. A similar survey conducted in October 2011 showed that only 10 percent of consumers were very likely to buy a 4S, while 11.5 percent were somewhat likely. The iPhone 4S turned out to be a very successful product for Apple, and these new survey results bode well for sales of the iPhone 5.

[Via AppleInsider]