Reuters says Insignia Flex Tablet may cost $239 to $259, we'd say it faces stiff odds

Insignia Flex Tablet

Best Buy omitted a handful of details when it unveiled the Insignia Flex Tablet last week, not the least of which is the price that usually sells Insignia-branded gear. A Reuters tipster claims to have filled in that blank: the 9.7-inch, Ice Cream Sandwich-based slate will reportedly cost between $239 to $259 when it ships November 11th. That's not bad for a tablet at the size of the Flex, but you'll be giving up a lot to get that screen size if the price tag is real. A similar outlay could net a (likely faster) 32GB Kindle Fire HD, for starters -- and while we don't know any details of what's coming from Apple's "little" event next week, we have a hunch that it just might overshadow Best Buy's hopes of being the value leader in the tablet field. Without an official confirmation or denial, we'd suggest fence-sitting for a little while longer if you're not already in love with the big-box retailer's in-house brand.