Terry Cavanagh's latest game rejected from App Store for making fun of in-app purchases

Game developer Terry Cavanagh has released a few really great games over the years -- in addition to the popular PC title VVVVVV, he's also the man behind iOS' recent (and terribly difficult) hit Super Hexagon. Right now, he's in the process of trying to release an old experimental game he made called Don't Look Back (which you can play online in Flash right now) on iOS, but he's hit a speedbump. Apple rejected the app, unfortunately, though not because of anything in the app itself. Nope -- Cavanagh, in the app's description, happened to point out that Don't Look Back didn't have "in-app purchases or any of that nonsense," and Apple sent him back a message saying that he should probably "remove or revise" that line.

Cavanagh has since resubmitted the app, and it's actually available on the App Store right now (with the jokey line removed from the description). Now, Don't Look Back is a great, emotional game experience, and it's good to know this could all be figured out. But should Apple really be judging app developers' descriptions for content like this? Checking over descriptions for fraudulent information or obscenity seems fine. But should developers be required to watch their tone when criticizing certain money-making features on the App Store? Apple apparently thinks so.