Astro pulls curtain on 2013 edition of $250 A40 gaming headset, MixAmp Pro package (video)

Astro's just refreshed its high-end wired A40 headset and matching MixAmp Pro, a duo that mash together gaming talents with audiophile chops. The 2013 edition of the headset adds an updated quick disconnect system and re-tuned drivers for better bass response and less distortion, with Astro claiming that they're "the most accurate Astro headsets ever." Returning features include a removable, swappable mic, Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound, customizable speaker tags and multi-system compatibility. The revised MixAmp Pro now allows game sound and incoming or outgoing voice chat to be livestreamed with a single cable, while also bringing new custom audio profiles, a smaller size and an optical port. You'll still have game-to-voice balance controls, Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround and a dedicated voice channel with the dedicated mixer/preamp, to boot. The pair are sold together for the same $250 price we saw for the original way back in 2007 -- check the PR and video after the jump to see where to grab them.

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Critically Acclaimed ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset and MixAmp™ Pro Deliver Most Accurate Audio Ever; Feature Updated Cabling System, Re-tuned Drivers, Custom Audio Profiles and More

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 16, 2012 – ASTRO Gaming, a division of Skullcandy, Inc. (Nasdaq: SKUL), and creators of premium video gaming equipment for professional and hardcore gamers, today announced a major update to two of the brand's most innovative and best-selling products with 2013 editions of the ASTRO A40 Pro Gaming Headset and the ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro.

The 2013 Edition of the ASTRO A40 Headset features an update to the company's highly popular Quick Disconnect Cabling System as well as re-tuned drivers and enclosures that make the audiophile-grade headset the most accurate and detailed ASTRO Gaming has ever produced, with improved low-end response and less distortion at peak volume.

2013 Edition ASTRO A40 Headset Features Include:


· New Quick Disconnect Cabling System: Updated version of the ASTRO Quick Disconnect system, offering the same flexibility of using multiple cable types and lengths, but now plugging directly into the headset via a 3.5mm 4-pole jack instead of the oiriginal mid-cable release. This increases reliability and durability while also making it easier to change to preferred cable lengths and update cables as desired.

· Best Sounding ASTRO Headsets Ever: The 2013 Edition ASTRO A40 has re-tuned drivers and enclosures with improved low-end response and less distortion at high volumes making them the most accurate ASTRO headsets ever


· ASTRO Audio Experience - Engineered specifically for gaming, ASTRO Audio delivers audiophile-grade sound in a richly detailed positional audio experience. ASTRO A40 headsets are designed for extended game playing, movie watching and music listening sessions with superior fit and finish.

· Removable Mic System: The ASTRO A40 feature a removable boom mic that can be removed and swapped from ear to ear.

· Dolby ® Digital 7.1 Surround Sound: ASTRO 40 headsets deliver pinpoint spatial accuracy and crystal clear definition with Dolby ® Digital 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound decoding providing more immersive gaming, movie and music experiences.

· Customizable Speaker Tags: ASTRO A40 features a magnetic, removable and customizable Speaker Tag system. Tags can be designed online to create a unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression.

· Multi-System Compatibility: ASTRO products are compatible with any platform you choose to game on. Whether it's Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, or a mobile platform, ASTRO headsets will provide superior audio performance and vocal fidelity.

The cutting edge 2013 Edition ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro raises the bar once again with a host of new features, including: custom audio profiles; a new streaming out capability allowing gamers to incorporate Game Sound and Voice Chat directly into their livestreams; and, a smaller, more portable form factor for easier transportation to and from LAN and Pro Gaming events.

2013 Edition ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro Features Include:


· Game and Voice Stream Output: The ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro now features a Stream Out - a 3.5mm jack that allows Game Sound and incoming/outgoing Voice Chat to be output without interruption directly to a livestream using a single cable.

· New Custom Audio Profiles: The ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro now allows users to switch between four pre-set Audio Profiles – Pro, Core, Media and Sports. Soon, ASTRO users will be able to create and share their own custom audio profiles via

· New Smaller Form Factor: The ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro is now smaller and more portable allowing for easier transport between LAN and Pro Gaming events.

· New Optical Port: A more reliable 3.5mm optical port is now being utilized in place of the previous TOSlink optical port.


· Game to Voice Balance: The MixAmp™ Pro features discrete game to voice balance controls which allow for a customized audio experience depending upon the gaming situation or personal listening preference.

· Multi-System Compatibility: Whether you play on an Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Mac the 2013 Edition MixAmp™ Pro will provide the compatibility you need. The MixAmp™ Pro also features an MP3 input allowing for music listening while game playing.

· Dolby® 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound: The ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro features 7.1 and 5.1 channel Dolby® Surround Sound decoding and Dolby® Headphone Surround Sound output.

· Dedicated Voice Channel: The ASTRO MixAmp™ Pro can be daisy-chained linking multiple MixAmp™s together for a private, hands-free, full-duplex voice communication channel providing significantly superior vocal clarity, as compared to VoIP, with zero network and system lag.

View the latest 2013 Edition video at 2013 Editions of the ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset and MixAmp™ Pro are available now from as a bundled system for $249.99 .

The 2013 Edition ASTRO A40 Audio System can also be found at all Best Buy stores nationwide. Select Best Buy stores also feature ASTRO Gaming Listening Stations providing customers with an opportunity to experience ASTRO audio performance first-hand.

ASTRO 2013 Edition A40 Audio Systems and additional ASTRO products can also be found now at select Gamestop stores in the United States as well as EB Games and JB Hifi in Australia. In November, Astro's retail distribution will expand to include select Canadian and French Retailers including EB Games Canada, Best Buy Canada, Fnac and Micromania.

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