Don't call it a GIF: Lightt is an app that lets you upload silent, looping clips for your friends to comment on

Technically speaking, it would be incorrect to call Lightt the Instagram for GIFs, but really, it's tough to explain it any other way. In short, it's a new app for iOS which captures short, soundless clips that play back in an endless loop. (See? Looks like a GIF and is mesmerizing like a GIF, except it's actually a proprietary file format.) Once you record a clip, or "Highlight," you can upload as many as you want, and then share them to either Twitter or Facebook. (Careful: the default privacy setting is public.) Then, once you offload those segments onto the company's servers, people can like them or leave comments. Similarly, too, anyone with a browser can see your feed, though you also have the option of viewing people's images from within the app itself. The Insta-comparisons end there, though: with Lightt, you can't run your clips through any sort of artsy filters.

As with other social networks, you can follow users you find intriguing. There's also a "Featured" list, curated by Lightt, but you can't currently search for things based on tags, which is how you might discover cool stuff on other sites, like Tumblr or Pinterest. There's an element of randomness, then, when it comes to unearthing new things, though you can at least find friends on the site by importing your contacts from other services. Interestingly, too, all your images live online: even when you view your feed on your phone, the app is simply pulling it in from the web. Still, if you really like something, you can save a still frame to your device. The app is available now for free in the App Store (no word on if it'll ever come to other platforms), and we've also got a gallery of screenshots at the ready below.%Gallery-168476%