LG announces Windows 8 12-inch slider laptop hybrid and all-in-one PC (updated)

Windows 8's imminent launch continues to draw out even more devices in almost every permutation imaginable. LG's up next, with its collection ranging from a familiar-looking V325 all-in-one PC, through to a slider PC with tablet skills. The size of LG's 11.6-inch H160 hybrid means we're not certain whether it'll be running Windows RT or the more power-intensive complete package. LG's brief explanation below the press shots also suggests we're only looking at two models for now -- despite the three devices on show here; presumably that tablet is just the laptop transformed, given that the company decided to put that particular family of devices on the back burner. The hybrid laptop houses its own auto-slide button, and measures in at 15.9mm thick, despite the built-in keyboard. The 11.6-inch screen is another LG-made IPS panel, promising up to 178 degrees of crisp visibility, while the manufacturer expects the battery to last up to 10 hours. Connectivity encompasses WiFi, HDMI output and a USB port and -- according to Google's translation -- a microSD card slot. The device will have to compete for fans against Sony's similarly-sliding VAIO Duo 11 -- not to mention Toshiba's U925t Ultrabook.

The touchscreen V325 AIO packs all the thinking parts behind a 23-inch display, with up to 10-point touch sensitivity. There's a (presumably Korea-only) TV tuner built-in, which can be activated without powering up the whole PC, while processing powering is provided by a third-generation Core i5 processor and NVIDIA's GeForce GT640M. Both devices are currently set to remain on home turf for now, starting from October 26th and will be accompanied by LG's latest range of Ultrabooks, refreshed with Windows 8 software.