Pre-orders for Microsoft Surface with Windows RT start shipping

If you're one of the many people who pre-ordered Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT, you could be getting your tablet just in time for its official October 26th ship date -- and perhaps even before then. According to a few reader tips and a confirmation email sent to WP Central, those tablets are indeed in the shipping stages and could arrive as early as next week depending on your selected delivery method. While there have been reports of delays in UK and Canada, those were apparently incorrect, and we have no reason to believe the US shipments won't be on time. That said, if you haven't pre-ordered and you want one soon, you better get a move on -- Microsoft's store currently shows that Surface RT with touch cover bundles are shipping in one to two weeks while standalone units are set to ship in three weeks. Or maybe you can cross your fingers and hope you're one of five million to find one gift-wrapped under the tree.