Purported leak has Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile costing $300 on contract

While we're just a heartbeat away from Samsung's American launch event for the Galaxy Note II, that hasn't stopped the leaks and rumors from flowing around the release. What appears to be an internal T-Mobile page leaked to TmoNews has the 5.5-inch giant costing $300 on the carrier's Value plan -- on par with Sprint's up-front price, if you're not including the long-term device payments. Classic plan adopters would supposedly pay $420 before dutifully mailing in for a $50 rebate, and it would take a hefty $700 for an outright purchase. Nothing's definite until T-Mobile gives the green light, and we haven't seen the prices that every other carrier will offer, but the price if real could establish a common narrative where Samsung's biggest phone this year includes an equally large price tag.