Dropbox for iOS removes the photo resolution cap, stretches out to iPhone 5 size

As much of a boon as Dropbox has been for iOS users, it's been held back for shutterbugs wanting a one-for-one translation of their images. Any cloud photos saved for posterity were shrunk to iPhone 4S size and largely negated the point of a local copy. No more: an update to the app removes the resolution ceiling and shows whatever the iPad, iPhone or iPod can handle. While it still compresses the final image, all the basic nuances should remain intact. There's a treat in store for those who want to see more of their files inside of the Dropbox app, too, with iPhone 5 support putting to work those 112,640 pixels of extra screen real estate. Just don't expect to use Dropbox as a mobile viewer for your Hasselblad photos and you'll likely be happy.