NewerTech cradles your Apple TV and Mac mini in the NuStand Alloy (updated)

NewerTech has just announced two inexpensive new additions to their line of accessories, and if you're an owner of either the current generation of Apple TV or Mac mini, you're going to want to pay attention.

Update: NewerTech says that the Mac mini NuStand Alloy stand works with the newly announced refreshed Mac mini.

The first item is the NuStand Alloy stand for the Apple TV. Priced at just US$17.50, this tiny accessory props your Apple TV up in a vertical position so it looks more like an important media center and less like a rectangular hockey puck.

NewerTech wants to cradle your Apple TV and Mac mini in NuStand Alloy

That's not the only new NuStand Alloy from NewerTech (how's that for alliteration?). There's also a version for the Mac mini priced at $19.99, used to hold your mini vertically next to a monitor. As noted by Andy Marken of NewerTech, your Mac mini is less likely to be used as a soda can coaster if it's held vertically.

Both NuStand Alloy products are shipping, and TUAW will be reviewing them in the near future.