What didn't we get from Apple today?

While the hype leading up to today's Apple event was clearly centered around the all-new iPad mini, it quickly became clear that the company had a lot more in store. Not only did we get the new, smaller iPad of our dreams -- as well as the anticipated reveal of a 13-inch MacBook Retina -- but also a fourth-generation iPad, a more capable Mac mini and a completely redesigned iMac. So what didn't Apple announce today?

The (literal) elephant in the room is of course the Mac Pro. Apple's silver tower of power is due for a refresh, but the company steered clear of even mentioning the product during the event. An email purportedly sent earlier this year from Tim Cook to a Mac Pro owner suggested that an update to the line wouldn't happen until 2013, which now appears to indeed be the case.

Apple also avoided any news on iTunes 11, which was first teased earlier this year alongside the announcement of the iPhone 5. The official iTunes page still has its bright orange "Coming in October" banner in place, so it's a bit perplexing that the company chose to keep quiet on that front.

Some of our more pie-in-the-sky wishes also fell by the wayside today, including our dreams of an updated Apple TV and perhaps even a MacBook Air Retina. We also didn't get to swoon at the new iPad mini in a range of wild colors, which is something the kid in us really wanted to see.

But all told, today's announcements should please a good number of people, and our credit cards are already cursing our names at the prospect of the five new products that just landed in the Apple Store.