Daily iPhone App: Jumping Finn Turbo provides an addictive cycle with the Adventure Time crew

Cartoon Network has been putting out some really impressive iOS apps lately under its Adult Swim brand, including the really great Monsters Ate My Condo. Jumping Finn Turbo is a new game outside of the Adult Swim banner. It's not quite as good as those offerings, but it is pretty addictive anyway. The title is based on the popular Adventure Time cartoon by Pen Ward, though instead of following the show's storyline, it's a "jumping" arcade game, where Jake has to kick Finn as high, far and fast across the show's setting as he possibly can.

The best part isn't necessarily the kicking mechanic, which is actually kind of boring. You basically just wait for Finn to try and hit something and hopefully go farther than before. It's the game's deep and surprisingly satisfying upgrade mechanic that's the most intriguing. Kicking Finn earns you stars, which you can use to upgrade Jake's kicking power or put more items and power-ups into the world. That core cycle is actually really satisfying, and it means that Jumping Finn Turbo will probably have you saying, "well, just one more kick," more often than not.

You can see the game in action in the video below, or you can buy it for US$1.99. The price is a little high for a simple game like this. It's well worth it if you're an Adventure Time fan, but odds are that there are plenty of cheaper and free games that you haven't checked out yet, so you probably wouldn't regret waiting for a sale on this one. But, if you like the game's idea and would get a kick out of seeing your favorite Adventure Time characters mashed up like this, definitely grab Jumping Finn Turbo.