SWTOR lead dev addresses free-to-play concerns

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.25.12

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SWTOR lead dev addresses free-to-play concerns
SWTOR lead dev addresses freetoplay concerns
Star Wars: The Old Republic players are checking out the game's potential free-to-play changes on the test server, and serious concerns about some of the restrictions have prompted a response from BioWare.

Lead Designer Damion Schubert wrote a lengthy forum post to state that the team's been observing the test server and has decided to make a few changes to the F2P restrictions. In particular, free players will now get two quickbars instead of one, can experience five PvP warzones a week instead of three, and will find the temporary lock timer for items bought in the cash shop reduced.

Schubert said that a more detailed post is incoming; it will spell out details for preferred status players, who include any former subscribers to the game. He also addressed the controversy over the store selling endgame mod crystals to low- and mid-level characters by explaining that it will not unbalance the game: "We're still philosophically avoiding putting any stat advantage at this level that subscribers cannot earn through reasonable normal play."
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