Microsoft's Joe Belfiore pokes fun at iPhone and Android, provides deep dive of Windows Phone 8 in new video

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore pokes fun of iPhone and Android, provides deep dive of Windows Phone 8 in new video

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore -- also known as the manager for the entire Windows Phone program -- spent a fair amount of time on stage in California today detailing the highs of Windows Phone 8. Clearly, that wasn't enough. The man himself has thrown out a near-20 minute video detailing the nooks and crannies of Microsoft's latest mobile operating system, no doubt in hopes of convincing tired users of Android and iPhone to consider something more Metrorrific.

Outside of tightly integrated Skype, beautifully arranged live tiles, outstanding new hardware, support for LTE, a guest access mode by the name of Kid's Corner and refreshed photo sharing, WP8 offers a wealth of cloud services to those who will also be upgrading to Windows 8 on their PCs. Heck, the outfit's Mac software is even going to make it possible port your iTunes libraries and playlists over to the Music hub in Windows Phone 8. It wouldn't be an all-out marketing assault without a bit of verbal assault, though, and it doesn't take Joe long to get there:

"It's the only phone that has live tiles, for the people you care about and the apps that you use all the time. It's a different story than iOS and Android. The iOS 6 homescreen is really just a sea of static icons. It's not people; it's not live data. Of course, after five years, they have added one more row of icons! Android homescreens typically present a complex maze of icons, widgets, and settings. But, they look a lot like iPhones, too. If you put a bunch of them together on a table, it'd be hard to tell your own from the crowd. We felt there was a better way. Windows Phone 8 -- it looks different, and that's because we didn't make WP8 for all of us, we made it for each of us."

Catch the full clip after the break.