Nexus 4 leaked on video, Android 4.2 gets exposed alongside new LG hardware

There ain't much here we haven't seen before, but look -- it's a video. The thoroughly leaked LG Nexus 4 -- which was likely scheduled to be formally unveiled today if not for Hurricane Sandy -- has shown up in a 107 second video hosted up by Swedroid. We're guessing that select international sites briefed on the handset weren't hearing any of that "delay" stuff, and have instead let loose on the material they had access to. The hardware itself is no surprise, boasting clean lines and a minimalistic motif that looks a hair thicker than we had envisioned before. Android 4.2 looks right at home, though -- as if you haven't seen enough of that in the Nexus 10 leak. Head on past the break and press play, won't you?