The status of official CableCARD tuner support for Windows 8

With the official launch of Windows 8 comes the official support of premium cable content via one of the various CableCARD tuners originally designed for Windows 7 Media Center. Silicon Dust is at the front of the pack as Media Center on Windows 8 is already officially supported and the documentation is available for both the HDHomeRun Prime as well as the ATSC or QAM HDHomeRun. The only feature we noticed was not supported for now, is WMC Sync. Ceton is still working on the official driver for its InfiniTV 4, but reassures us that the Windows 7 driver "does work relatively well," although, is unsupported -- the real loss here is that there are no plans to bring the InfiniTV tuner sharing feature to Windows 8. Last up is Hauppauge, who doesn't have a single mention of support of Windows 8 for the WinTV-DCR-2650 on its site, but a representative of the company said it does work and will be officially supported. Of course, support by Media Center and Windows 8 is one thing, but we're really waiting for a mention that any "Windows Store Apps" that can play nicely with all this premium HD content.