Apple told to rewrite 'Samsung did not copy' statement, post it on front page until Dec 14th

Apple might not have liked having to publish a notice stating that Samsung did not copy its design, as the result of a court ruling, but it complied all the same. Or did they? A UK court of appeal has criticized the firm over its choice of wording, considering it slippery enough to warrant a rewrite. The Guardian reports that the acknowledgement posted by Apple was deemed non-compliant with the court's order. Apple has today been told to correct its statement, and re-post it on the front page of its website, with at least an 11-point font (and not as a hidden footer link) within 48 hours. The Cupertino team rebuffed, claiming that it would take at least two weeks to get a fresh rework together, a statement that reportedly caused disbelief from some court officials. So, the clock is ticking, and somewhere a legal team is no doubt engaging in some serious thinking. The new statement must remain on Apple's site until December 14th, plenty of time to catch the attention of eager Christmas shoppers.