Yes, there is already an iPad Mini installed in a car dashboard (video)

What's that? You had dreams of being the first person in the world with an iPad Mini installed in your 2012 Toyota's dashboard? Well consider those dreams dashed, as Tampa, Florida's Soundwaves is way ahead of you. Like, "they already did it" ahead of you. That regular old iPad you've got in your car? Boooring.

The folks at Soundwaves had a dashboard setup fabricated ahead of the Mini's launch this morning, and filmed themselves performing the installation (see for yourself below the break). Beyond having a freakin' iPad embedded in the dashboard being sweet unto itself, this installation also works in concert with the in-car speakers and a separate music control device. Now all the guys at Soundwaves have to do is install, like, six more iPads in the car and Xzibit will be totally on board.

[Image credit: Soundwaves / Thanks Rob!]