Wii U browser runs on NetFront, doesn't support plug-ins

The specifications for the Wii U's internet browser have been made public, and it's no surprise that the software shares its technical underpinnings with the 3DS' browser. Specifically, the Wii U's window into the web is actually NetFront NX, which is a WebKit-based browser designed for smart TVs, mobile devices, game consoles and the like. NetFront, in one form or another, has powered the 3DS, PSP, PlayStation 3 and Vita's browsers.

Like some other first-party applications, the browser can be pushed to the WiiPad's screen and used from there, freeing up the television for other activities. Since the WiiPad's resistive touchscreen doesn't support multitouch, however, familiar tablet maneuvers like pinch-to-zoom will not be present. It also won't be possible to save any images found while browsing, or conversely to upload anything saved in local memory.

Flash support is a no-show, as is compatibility with any other plug-in, although HTML5 is supported and in fact, the browser renders HTML5 websites more efficiently than any other console (and even IE 10 on PC), according to this benchmarking site.