'A Game About Bouncing' from Dyad dev coming to PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home adds A Game About Bouncing from the creator of Dyad

PlayStation Home is getting a new arcade game this Wednesday, and this one has some indie chops. From the minds of Dyad, studio ][ and Shawn McGrath, comes A Game About Bouncing, which McGrath briefly discussed in an interview with Joystiq earlier this year. Originally developed as a prototype sketch at a quick game jam, Bouncing is now featured as a premium arcade cabinet in PlayStation Home.

Purchasing the cabinet gives players access to the game along with a full avatar skin, some themed glasses to wear, and even a Shawn McGrath-inspired outfit, complete with cowboy hat and beard.

There's also a bevy of other new avatar items available for purchase, and some tweaks and additions to the Avalon Keep area in Home (including a new crystal-collecting minigame you can play with friends). Sony says the update, including that new arcade cabinet, should be out and available on PlayStation Home on this Wednesday, November 7; however, no price was revealed.