Acer exec warns Microsoft may eat 'hard rice' with its Surface tablet

Acer seems to be straddling a delicate position with respect to Microsoft right now. On the one hand, it's outwardly indifferent towards Surface RT and indeed the the whole Windows RT concept, which is why it's holding off on its own RT tablets for the time being. But if that's true, why are the company's top brass so eager for Microsoft to withdraw from the competition? President for Greater China, Linxian Lang, has just resorted to a food metaphor to emphasize the point, warning that Redmond will have to eat "hard rice" with Surface, and implying that it should stick to its more readily-chewed software diet. If you've seen our own Surface RT review, then you'll know our thoughts on the matter: Microsoft's tablet has been boiled and salted just right, which might be the real reason Acer is so averse to it.

[Image credit: Sina Tech]