Mobile data gets even more piecemeal with 24-hour offerings from Virgin Mobile

Sure, you can already buy Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go on a monthly basis, but what about when you want that data on a daily basis? For instance, what if you're Johnny Lee Miller in the hit '90s film Hackers? Exactly. Good thing, then, that Virgin Mobile is now offering a 24-hour daily plan for its Broadband2Go service, charging just $5 per day. Unfortunately, if you're only able to find 3G service, that broadband is limited to just 200MB of data -- those who can find 4G get unlimited data access (and much faster access to boot). Currently, Virgin's Broadband2Go is only offered via a proprietary ($70) USB stick or a proprietary ($120) mifi device, so don't think you're getting off too cheaply. It is, however, available right now.

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Virgin Mobile USA's mobile Broadband2Go service provides the ultimate hookup for people who want internet access wherever they are and want the value and convenience of only paying for the service when you need it.

Adding to the existing Monthly plans, Virgin Mobile has now added a special Daily Plan for $5 per 24 hour period, offering 3G service up to 200MB and, where available, unlimited 4G service:

Plan options now include:
$35/month 2GB 3G service Unlimited 4G service
$55/month 5GB 3G service Unlimited 4G service
$ 5/day 200MB 3G service Unlimited 4G service

Plans include either: 500MB (Daily plan); or 10GB (Monthly plans), of full-speed 4G data. 3G data network access ends when the applicable 3G data allotment is reached.

3G/4G Broadband2Go service is available on two devices:
• U600 3G/4G USB Stick, which easily plugs into your laptop or tablet for $69.99
• Overdrive Pro™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, connecting up to 5 WiFi devices at once, for $119.99 [just got my neighbors and me through Hurricane Sandy but I'm one of the lucky ones...]